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Virtual Events and Trade Show Solutions

From training webinars to full-service conferences, Tradewing lets you deliver the in-person experience your members crave for all of your virtual events.

Tradewing Virtual Events

The fast and easy approach to virtual events

Now, more than ever, the ability to provide virtual access to your events and meetings is critical for success. The world is changing, we're here to help you adapt.

Works Out of the Box

We believe your time is best spent focused on improving your industry, and it's why our platform requires no specialized IT skills to get started with.

Supports Any Size Event

Unlike other conferencing solutions, Tradewing doesn't limit the size of your events or charge you if you go over some number. Host with confidence.

Integrates with Your Tools

Have other tools your association wants to keep using? Our team will happily work with you to integrate with your other investments.


Virtual conferencing built for associations

Unlike other conferencing tools out there, Tradewing is purpose-built to support the meeting needs of associations, their members, and sponsors. Tradewing comes with everything you need to track and report continuing education credits, run board meetings, sell event tickets, promote sponsors, and more.

You’ll also get the confidence in knowing your working with a partner with deep experience in the association space and who is continually adding new capabilities built specifically for your unique needs as an association.

Association Virtual Conference
Woman Video Conferencing

A meeting experience without limits

No matter the size of your event, Tradewing supports a virtually unlimited number of attendees and simultaneous interactive breakout sessions, all while providing a user-friendly, crystal clear web conferencing experience and live support for all of your members.


An unmatched ROI for your sponsors

Help your sponsors get more for their money with dedicated virtual vendor booths and brand promotion across all of your sessions. With Tradewing, sponsors can set meetings with members, give demos, collect contact information, share content, run giveaways, and so much more. If you offer multiple sponsorship tiers, you can even customize benefit access to reward your most loyal partners.

Tradewing Sponsor Experience
Tradewing Support

Dedicated training and technical support

Don’t have a dedicated IT team to implement Tradewing or the time to train your members? No problem! Your Tradewing subscription comes with live support for integrating Tradewing with your association’s digital tools as well as platform training for your members, sponsors, and speakers so all of your events run smoothly.


Video conferencing features

Learn more about what sets Tradewing apart when it comes to virtual events and meetings.

  • Meetings & Trade Shows

  • Webinars

  • Continuing Education

  • Vendor Promotion

  • Ticketing & Access

Deliver the full conference experience

Crystal-clear video and seamless audio come together to provide meeting participants and conference attendees with an in-person experience from their own home or anywhere in the world.

Tradewing lets you host meetings and events of any size. Host simultaneous breakout sessions or 10,000-person keynotes. We scale with your needs.

A webinar platform for your industry

Host a workshop, give your sponsors a place demo their solutions, and let your members share their expertise.

Tradewing puts the power to host webinars in your hands. No need to purchase an extra platform just for webinars, or host them off-site, keep your members on your platform with an interactive webinar experience.

Track and report continuing education with ease

Tradewing's built-in analytics makes tracking credits for continuing education a breeze. Easily see who has attended their required courses and whether they were there for the entire duration in a few clicks.

2X your sponsorship revenues

Tradewing makes it easy to build and tap into new digital streams of revenue for all of your events and conferences.

Offer sponsors banner promotion across your platform and in meetings, let them share content and comment on posts with members, provide them with virtual demo and meeting booths, and help them generate new leads.

Keep your exclusive events exclusive

Tradewing allows for public, private, and limited access events and meetings, along with flexible ticketing options that let you offer any number of different tickets at any price you desire.

Take control of your events, and preserve the value your attendees are paying for.

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