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Member Management Made Manageable

Tradewing makes it easy to streamline and automate all the ways your association manages memberships.


Powerful Membership Management Features


More Efficient Member Onboarding with Customizable Applications

Tailor your application process to your association's specific goals and member priorities. Tradewing allows you to gather the information you need to ensure new member satisfaction.


Easily Manage Corporate and Individual Member Types

Segment member benefits and offer unique corporate membership packages with flexible membership management tools.


Lower Barriers to Membership with Flexible Payment Options

Give members and prospects additional ways to renew and join with more options for when and how much they pay.


Boost Retention with Automated Renewal Management

Eliminate the work of tracking down members to get renewals with automated reminders that gently nudge members to make their payments.


Meet Your Goals with Member and Revenue Analytics

Measure the success of your initiatives and respond to changes in member activity quickly with real-time reporting and built-in analytics tools.


Avoid Member Churn with Custom Membership Grace Periods

Offer members a predetermined grace period that allows them to renew their membership without seeing a lapse in their benefits.


Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Association

The more engaged a member is, the more likely they'll renew and recommend your association. Tradewing makes driving that engagement a breeze with built-in member analytics and reporting tools.


Host More Record-Setting Events with Registration and Attendance Reporting

Tradewing makes it easy to understand what kinds of events your members care about so you can focus your attention on improving the activities that matter.


Build a Thriving Community with Engagement Analytics

Anticipate member needs and spot problems before they impact renewals. Our engagement reports and dashboards bring critical, timely insights directly to you.


Ensure Your Members Stay Informed with Email Performance Insights

From industry news to benefits changes, Tradewing's email analytics helps you understand how members engage with your messages so you can keep those open and clickthrough rates up.


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