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Start Sending Better Emails

Step up your email game with Tradewing's email marketing and analytics tools, all fully integrated with your online community, marketing automation tools, event system, and member engagement data. Get rich insights into how your members engage with your emails so you can boost your open rates, drive more registrations, and much more.


Send the Right Communication at the Right Time, All From Your Preferred Platform

Use the Tools You Love, with Engagement Tracked in Tradewing

Enjoy seamless integration between Tradewing and your email marketing platform of choice. By connecting your community and email marketing software, you can maximize the potential of both tools, leading to more successful and engaging communications.

Send Configurable Digest Emails Right from Tradewing

Quickly and easily create email content for members so they can stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings from the association. It’s easy thanks to configurable digest emails you can automate right from the Tradewing platform.


Email Marketing Designed for Associations

The needs and interests of your stakeholders are diverse, your email platform should be flexible. Tradewing offers unique levels of outreach customization and behavior data only available on a solution built for associations.



Use Lists to Segment, Target, and Send Members Emails that are Relevant

Create an effective email marketing strategy. By segmenting your lists, you’ll be able to target people with specific interests and preferences - keeping them engaged and interested.


Take a Data-Driven Approach to More Engaging Emails

Track and measure the success of your email marketing. Understand what content is resonating and what type of content is likely to drive the most engagement with built-in performance reporting.

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Worry-Free Compliance, From CCPA to GDPR

Protect your members from spam and unwanted messages, and keep your association in compliance with opt-out tools and tracking settings that allow you to maintain a respectful and meaningful relationship with your members.


First Impressions Matter, Customize Your Member Onboarding Experience

Make your new members feel special and create a sense of community and belonging with flexible email customization options that allow you to tailor your onboarding messages to the specific needs of your new members.

Keep Registrations Coming, Automate Communications to Increase Event Attendance

A well-promoted event is a well-attended event, which is why Tradewing's automated and customizable event reminders and campaign tools tie together with the platform's event hosting features to help you maximize promotion for your next event


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