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Virtual Member Engagement Made Easy

Tradewing provides an all-in-one platform that serves as your association's member community, digital trade show hub, knowledge base, and more.

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Bring your association online

Whether you're getting started online or just looking to upgrade your member experience to something that works, Tradewing offers the tools and flexibility your association is looking for.

Works Out of the Box

We believe your time is best spent focused on improving your industry, and it's why our platform requires no specialized IT skills to get started with.


Today's members expect to be able to connect from any device. Tradewing is designed to work on any device and from anywhere in the world.

Built for Associations

We understand associations have unique ways of operating. Tradewing's community and video tools are tailored to fit how you and your members work.


A home for your association

Give your members the tools they need to collaborate and watch member engagement grow. We offer the only member community platform built to support the unique needs and operating styles of associations.

Tradewing Member Community
Tradewing Virtual Event

Take your next event virtual

Whether it's a hybrid event or completely online, we make it easy to provide the same in-person experience and excitement that comes with physical events to your members anywhere in the world.


Everything You Need


Learn more about Tradewing and what sets our platform apart from the rest.

  • Social Feed & Chat

  • Meetings & Trade Shows

  • Video & Document Sharing

  • Sponsor Tools

  • Engagement Analytics

A modern solution to member engagement

Provide your members with a user-friendly environment to connect and collaborate. Tradewing makes it easy to share industry news, send updates, and reach out to your members via instant messaging, video meetings, social posts, and more. We also work on any platform and any device so adoption is a breeze.

Deliver the full conference experience

Crystal-clear video and seamless audio come together to provide meeting participants and conference attendees with an in-person experience from their own home or anywhere in the world.

Tradewing lets you host meetings and events of any size. Host simultaneous breakout sessions or 10,000-person keynotes. We scale with your needs.

Be the single source of truth for your industry

Don't let the lessons and insights shared by your members be lost to time or filed away into folders to be forgotten. Tradewing's advanced search tools make it easy for your members to quickly sift through past conversations, shared documents, and recordings to find answers to the challenges they face.

Offer an unmatched ROI for your sponsors

Give your sponsors more tools to grow their business through your members. With Tradewing, sponsors can chat with members, provide live demos, share documents, collect leads, customize their own brand page, and even have their banners shared across the platform.

As an administrator, you also have the ability to control how much (or how little) access your sponsors have on the platform.

A 360° view of your member experience

Tradewing comes with analytics built into the platform, which allows it to work across your events and day-to-day activities. This gives you a complete picture of what your members are up to, what their needs are, who your community leaders are, and makes it easy to proactively enhance your member experience.


What our customers say

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Just a month after launch, Tradewing was ranked as a top benefit by our members.”

“Tradewing has given our members another avenue to connect, find business, and to find answers to problems faced by their companies.”

“Tradewing is exceptional. They really do care about their customers, and I am glad to be one of them.”

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